As COVID-19 continues to rage on, there is a continuous need for the application of Machine Learning in Health. Health is a crucial part of our lives that can be significantly improved with the application of machine learning. Some application areas in health include;

  1. Disease Diagnosis

2. Drug Discovery and Manufacturing

3. Personalized Treatment

4. Smart health recording

5. Outbreak prediction and containment

and many others.

I built a model a while ago that predicts Diabetes using an open-source dataset and so I decided to create a web app based on this model. The web app will take in the…


A few months ago, I wrote an article demonstrating text summarization using a wordcloud on Streamlit. I wanted to build the same app on using FastAPI and Gensim in this article. The code for this article can be found here.

Let’s dive into it by creating our virtual environment. It is important that you make a habbit of creating virtualenv so your packages versions don’t conflict.

# create env
# this assumes you have anaconda installed
conda create --name summarizer

# activate it
conda activate summarizer

Then let’s install our dependencies from the requirements.text

In Africa and some parts of the world, some businesses still have a large volume of their data in physical files and not digitized. This significantly hinders progress in these companies because valuable insight that could help them make progressive decisions are locked away in these files.

Just imagine what insights will be covered if these data are digitized and analyzed. Fortunately, that is what we will be doing in this article. We will create a web app that will take in a picture containing text and then extract the text from the image using a cool library called Pytessaract.


Building a model without putting it in production is like standing in the dark with a pretty face. No one will see you enough to appreciate you. Besides, no one makes money or solve real-world problems with AI by just building models. That is why we must put models in production so people can use them to solve their problems.

There are, however, many ways of putting models in production but in this article, we will use FastAPI; a super cool, super fast Python web framework. FastAPI is easy to use just like Flask. It is production-ready and has support…

Word clouds are the easiest way to quickly summarize customer sentiment. In this tutorial, we will create a text summarizer using word cloud and deploy it on Streamlit with their awesome new one-click-deploy.

Let’s begin by creating a virtual environment and activating it.

python3 -m venv env

an then activate it

source env/bin/activate # if you are running on Linux or Macenv\Scripts\activate # for windows users

and now install the packages with…

pip install wordcloudpip install streamlit

We will create two functions for our app. One function will hold the word cloud logic and the other one will…

Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword that no one can go without. The reasons are numerous; AI has given as self-driven cars, fancy robots that have close to human intelligence, and many many more. Experts predict that AI will significantly improve the lives of humans in years to come. Even now, we are enjoying some of the benefits of this awesome technology.

Artificial Intelligence is the act of giving machines the ability to perform human-level tasks without explicit programming.

Algorithm: An Algorithm is an advanced mathematical function that finds patterns in data.

Augmented Intelligence: This refers to a situation where…

Machine Learning is the ability of a computer to learn to perform a human-level task without being explicitly programmed. — Arthur Samuel(1959)

Data Mining is the act of digging into large datasets to discover inherent patterns.

ML Solves The following problem well;

  1. Problems requiring long rules(if-else statements) to solve.
  2. Complex problems without traditional solutions.
  3. Problems requiring quick and continuous adaptation.
  4. Problems requiring getting insights from large datasets.

Types of ML Systems

Machine Learning systems are grouped by the following criteria;

  1. Supervision or not
  • supervised
  • unsupervised
  • Reinforcement learning
  1. Incremental or on the fly
  • online
  • batch learning
  1. Comparing new datasets or detecting patterns by building a model
  • instance-based
  • model-based learning

Supervised Learning

Supervised learning

Data Science is among the new technologies that make the “Industrial Revolution 4.0. It has become a crucial part of every company and every successful economy. Billion of dollars are up for grab in the data economy. In fact, Data Science is called the “sexiest job of the 21st Century” . The reasons for the data hype are numerous; they include;

  1. Data Deluge

Huge volumes of data in all forms (text, videos, images, etc) are generated daily. All these data need to be analyzed to gain valuable insight for decision-making.

2. Moore’s law

The computing power required to process these…

Natural Language

With the release of the COVID-19 datasets which is predominantly an NLP datasets (because it is mainly textual ), one must have mastery of Natural Language Processing to mine insight from the COVID-19 datasets and textual data in general. This could potentially lead to a cure and an end to this pandemic :). In these articles and others to come, we will talk about Natural Processing and how to use it to tease insight from Data. …

Object detection is a crucial part of computer vision. This fact can be seen in its numerous applications like vision for Autonomous Cars, Face Detection in phones, species counting and tracking in Wildlife Conservation, etc. Building an object detection model, however, is far from easy. For seasoned machine learning engineers, it means several lines of code using the Tensorflow Object Detection API or a similar tool for other frameworks.

On the other hand, you can also use one of several pre-trained models(like YOLOV3) for your custom task through Transfer Learning. There are other Object Detection platform providers like, …

Boadzie Daniel

AI Engineer, Data Scientist, Full-stack Developer. Co-founder (Trestle Academy Ghana(TAG))

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